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Construction equipment parts for:
Rubber track 230x48x70K
Manufacturer: ITR | 230x48x70K, for Case, Kobelco, Kubota, New Holland, Wacker Neuson
Weight 67.20 kg
265,98 € 239,38 €
(284,86 € incl. tax
plus shipping)
1 piece | 239,38 €/piece
Delivery time: 1-3 days
Engine: Kubota D1105-EBH-11, consisting of 6 different filters, for details see product description, including 1 can brake cleaner for free !!!
Weight 10 kg
105,01 € 78,76 €
(93,72 € incl. tax
plus shipping)
1 piece | 78,76 €/piece
Delivery time: 1-3 days
Engine Oil (PREMIUM P) 5W-30 5L | Details please find in product description
Weight 13.47 kg
90,84 €
(108,10 € incl. tax
plus shipping)
3 piece | 30,28 €/piece
Delivery time: 1-3 days
Details see Product Description
Weight 3.10 kg
478,50 €
(569,42 € incl. tax
plus shipping)
1 piece | 478,50 €/piece
Delivery time: 3-7 days
Seal Kit-Code: P-U-15, Rod 40 mm, Bore 63 mm Further details please find in product description.
Weight 0.30 kg
59,68 €
(71,02 € incl. tax
plus shipping)
1 piece | 59,68 €/piece
Delivery time: 3-7 days
Grindex Primo D4, 230 V effluent pump
Weight 21 kg
435,80 € 399,99 €
(475,99 € incl. tax
plus shipping)
1 piece | 399,99 €/piece
Delivery time: 7-14 days
1.700 lumen corresponds to 100 Watt, Short distance lighting, oval
Weight 0.68 kg
149,99 €
(178,49 € incl. tax
plus shipping)
1 piece | 149,99 €/piece
Delivery time: 3-7 days
untere Frontscheibe Vergleichsnummer 20Y-53-11611
326,70 €
(388,77 € incl. tax
plus shipping)
1 piece | 326,70 €/piece
Delivery time: 3-7 days
Price including 100 € deposit - will be refunded after sending used UIS | Details see Product Description
Weight 1.95 kg
696,00 €
(828,24 € incl. tax
plus shipping)
1 piece | 696,00 €/piece
Delivery time: 7-14 days
23,20 €
(27,61 € incl. tax
plus shipping)
1 piece | 23,20 €/piece
7.377,50 € 5.999,00 €
(7.138,81 € incl. tax
plus shipping)
1 piece | 5.999,00 €/piece
146,18 € 129,99 €
(154,69 € incl. tax
plus shipping)
1 piece | 129,99 €/piece

The right spare part for your construction machine for every application

Our quality classes

Your construction machine needs to be repaired and you will need replacement parts. Even if you know exactly which spare part you need for which machine, klickparts still has the choice: Should it be the original spare part from the manufacturer, or the spare part from the supplier, but also supplies the device manufacturer, or does in your case also inexpensive replica good services.

You should know these differences and you should pay attention when buying them.

Premium: OEM - Original spare parts from the device manufacturer

By OEM, the abbreviation stands for "Original Equipment Manufacture", one understands original parts, which the manufacturer of the construction machine originally installed. Accordingly, these parts are very often branded by the manufacturer, even if they were possibly produced by a supplier. The use of these spare parts is of course the safest way: the spare part fits 100% and the manufacturer's warranty also applies. On the other hand, these original spare parts from the manufacturer are the most cost-intensive alternative.

High Performance: OES - Original spare parts from the supplier

The OES, the "Original Equipment Supplier", refer to spare parts manufactured by external companies. These supplier parts are identical to the original spare parts, but are not branded by the respective construction machinery manufacturer. These are delivered in the design of the respective supplier. This is because well-known supplier companies such as Mahle, Varta, Bosch Rexroth or Webasto market their products independently of the construction machinery manufacturer. As a rule, the OES are somewhat less expensive than the OEMs, but can still be used without any limitations with regard to warranty performance. These parts are therefore particularly suitable for young used machines and power units. There is no difference in quality between OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacture) and OES (Original Equipment Supplier).

Performance or Basis: IAM Independent Aftermarket - Inexpensive Replica Products

The replacement parts, the so-called IAM (Independent Aftermarket), are an inexpensive alternative to the spare parts of the original equipment manufacturer. In the field of high-quality capital goods, such as construction machinery, they are becoming increasingly important. Because apart from the original spare parts of the manufacturers or suppliers, other producers also offer spare parts for use in the various construction machines across all manufacturers. These are preferably used in older construction machines with higher machine running times.

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacture) and OES (Original Equipment Supplier) are typically indistinguishable in terms of function and performance. While OES spare parts come directly from a supplier, IAM (Independent Aftermarket) is usually a different company. Therefore, they may differ in quality from original spare parts.